• create an error map associated with the line ratio maps created.
v0.3.1, June 2016, F.P.A. Vogt
  • tied a step to fit_kinematic_pa to derive the P.A. from the velocity maps.
  • added new logo to website.
  • added module to compute the [SII] line ratio - no density for now, just the ratio.
  • fixed a “feature” in aplpy not showing the outer-nan’s-only regions in the plots. Now, each plot shows the full extent of the MUSE cube, irrespective of how few spaxels are actually not NaN’s. I use ax._ax1.set_xlim() and ax._ax1.set_ylim() to do so.
  • added ability to add a scale bar to all the plots.
  • added module to create RGB images from 3 line fluxes.
  • added module to plot line ratio maps.
  • added a gallery to the website.
v0.3.0, May 2016, F.P.A. Vogt:
  • renamed brian to brutus - to avoid conflict with existing brian module on pypi.
  • added computation of LogQ and Tot[O]+12 via pyqz.
  • bug fixes.
  • downloaded additional stellar templates from the MILES library.
  • created a “mixed continuum” cube, used in the interactive fit inspection (and elsewhere).
  • created pyqz plots
  • beefed-up the acknowledgment section of the doc to include the reddening laws, the MILES spectral library info, the reference to fit_kinematic_pa.

v0.2.0, May 2016, F.P.A. Vogt:
  • added the ability to rescale the y-axis of the fit residual plots in the interactive fit inspection window
  • updated brian_red, so that the Fischera & Dopita (2005) attenuation law for a turbulent dust screen can now be derived for any Rv and Rva values (use polynomials from the article, unlike Appendix A of Vogt+ (2013)). Thanks to R. Sutherland for sharing his reddening code that helped me make sense of these polynomials !
  • implemented a processing step to correct for the extragalactic reddening/attenuation
  • added step to correct for galactic extinction, using the NED value for Av and Ab

v0.1.1, April 2016, F.P.A. Vogt:
  • replaced ‘0.1’ with ‘__version__’ when saving fits headers
  • separated the continuum fitting from the construction of the continuum data cube, for clarity and consistency with the emission lines
  • added local copy of mpfit as for portability
  • refined plot legends and colorbar ticks
  • started catching numpy warnings in known locations, triggered by all-nan’s spaxels
  • implemented a dictionary of created filenames (in brian_metadata), to better keep track of what is created, with much less hard-coded filenames
  • added home-made “alligator” colorbar for that special look (and also to show nan’s and spaxels that land at the edges or outside a colorbar range for a given plot)
  • connected brian to ppxf
  • defined structure of the docstring, to be used through brian, in brian_cof.lowess_fit
  • added interactive plot to inspect the results of the fit - and the ability to save a pretty plot from it
  • bugfixes
v0.1.0, April 2016, F.P.A. Vogt:
  • created overall code structure inspired by pywifes
  • implemented continuum fitting using LOWESS approach
  • implemented modular emission line fitting via mpfit
  • added safety measures to catch KeyboardInterrupt during multiprocessing tasks
  • created preliminary documentation structure
  • initial upload to Github
  • added license info
  • added semi-automatic detection of structures, and ability to interact to add/remove apertures of varying radii
  • added creation of “aperture spectra cube” based on a given aperture list