• (!) allow to abort the continuum fitting with CTRL-C
  • run_crude_snr_maps: compute proper S/N for bright stars (not <>/std !)
  • enable minorticks in colorbars (see astropy bug [8126])
  • set the color of NaN pixels in plots … (see astropy bug [8165])
  • check that white ticks appear in RGB images with imshow
  • when drawing contours in run_skysub(), show the actual pixel edges
  • allow an automated selection of the sky areas -> requires a better snr estimate ?
  • (?) add scalebar to plots … tricky: what if pix scale not uniform, North not up, etc …
  • (?) only load Gaia from astroquery if we need it, to avoid the need for the internet when it is nopt needed.
v2019.02.3: F.P.A. Vogt
  • following the suggestion from Nick Whyborn, use image convolution to find the best spatial shift required to anchor the cube WCS on Gaia.
  • removed all references to aplpy
v2019.02.2: F.P.A. Vogt
  • added photutils to the list of required packages
  • fixed all docstrings
  • cleaned up code of all old brutus bits not (yet) ported to brutifus.
  • started working on documentation
  • first public release!
v2019.02.1: F.P.A. Vogt
  • added run_BWplot step
  • aded WCS correction step
  • worked a bit on refactoring the docstrings
v2019.01.1: F.P.A. Vogt
  • revived the reddening module
v2018.11.1: F.P.A. Vogt
  • added the ‘raw_cube’ name to fn_list for easy access
v2018.11.0: F.P.A. Vogt
  • ported brutus to python 3, renamed it to brutifus (available pip name)
  • removed ppxf from brutifus (focus on SNRs for now)
  • removed pyqz from brutifus (outdated)
  • added sky-subtraction step
  • initial upload to Github, initial upload to pip