Installing brutifus

brutifus is available on pypi, which makes its installation easier than ever. In a terminal, type:

pip install brutifus

And that should take care of things.

The most recent release of brutifus is also available for download from its Github repository. Interested users can fork the brutifus repository if they want to get access to the latest updates not yet released. Push requests for bug fixes and new features are welcome and will be examined in detail.


brutifus is written in Python 3.6. The following packages are required for it to work properly:

  • astropy (3.0 or above)
  • astroquery (0.3.4 or above)
  • matplotlib (3.0.0 or above)
  • numpy (1.14.2 or or above)
  • photutils (0.6.0 or above)
  • scipy (1.1.0 or above)
  • statsmodel (0.9.0 or above)

Testing the installation

In a terminal shell, try to import brutifus:

import brutifus

If that works, chances are, you will probably be fine … Note that for now, brutifus requires a connection to the internet to work.


Implement an actual set of tests … sigh!