Hi there !

I am a Scientific Collaborator at the Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology - MeteoSwiss in Payerne (Switzerland) since March 2020.

I am in charge of setting up and executing the data analysis of the next Upper-Air Instrument Intercomparsion (UAII 2022) field campaign, that will take place in 2022. In that role, I have developed a keen interest in the GRUAN Data Products of radiosondes (and their uncertainties !).

I started my scientific career with a PhD in Astronomy and Astrophysics at the Australian National University, followed by a Fellowship at the European Southern Observatory in Chile. Back then, my scientific research was primarily dedicated to the observation of young supernova remnants using optical integral field spectroscopy.

The easiest way to get a better idea of what I do now and what did then is probably to take a look at my scientific publications on the SAO/NASA-ADS database, using:

  • my ORCID ID, for an accurate list ordered by citation counts.
  • my name, to see my articles as soon as they make it to the arXiv (ordered by publication date).

As one would expect, these pages will evolve as time permits ...

Cheers !