Online Material

This page contains links to online material associated with some of my publications.

Adobe Acrobat Reader version 9 or higher is required to interactively examine the 3D models stored in PDF files (electronic articles or stand-alone files). It can be obtained here for Apple Mac OS X, Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Most other PDF readers (including older versions of Adobe Reader/Acroread; Apple Preview; xpdf) can view and print the PDF file, but will not allow interactive inspection of the 3-dimensional figures.


Vogt & al., Advanced Data Visualization in Astrophysics: the X3D Pathway, ApJ (2015). ADS   arXiv

Vogt & al., Galaxy Interactions in Compact Groups II: abundance and kinematic anomalies in HCG91c, MNRAS 450, 2593 (2015). ADS   arXiv


Vogt & al., Galaxy emission line classification using 3D line ratio diagrams , ApJ 793, 127 (2014). ADS   arXiv


Dopita & al., New strong line abundance diagnostics for Hii regions: effects of updated atomic data and κ-distributed electron energies , ApJS 208, 10 (2013). ADS   arXiv

Vogt & Shingles, Augmented reality in astrophysics, Ap&SS 347, 47 (2013). ADS   arXiv

    • Animation of the 3D map on SNR N132D; large (mp4, 9.0 Mo)   small (mp4, 2.8 Mo)


Vogt & Dopita, SNR N132D in the LMC: a late stage young supernova remnant, Ap&SS 331, 521 (2011). ADS  arXiv

    Online material :


Vogt & Dopita, The Cas A -like SNR 1E 0102.2-7219 in the SMC: an asymmetric bipolar explosion, ApJ 721, 597 (2010). ADS

    Online material :