Changelog last-commit issues


  • (!) figure out why the Gaia.cone_search() fails with ‘Cannot parse query: Encountered “TOP”. Was expecting: “SELECT” ‘. See fcmaker_plots, l.408 + 251

  • (!) for XSHOOTER, always place the slit horizontal (i.e. do not put the chart North)

  • (!) formally validate the parallactic function

  • (?) check connection to the online servers ahead of time, and issue a nice error if needed

  • (?) include an instrument-free mode

  • (?) add metadata to .jpg

  • (?) add support for jitter in HAWKI (showing the max jitter area with a circle)

  • (?) find a better way to display the allowed TT area for MUSE, e.g. shaded area with shapley

  • (?) make the obsdate an fc_params entry rather than a global variable

  • (?) for time critical OBs, get the time from the OB

v105.0.0 September 2019, F.P.A. Vogt
  • fixed #17

  • implemented PR #15

  • fixed bug #16

  • created linked to a unique version file.

  • added a proper “fcmaker” entry point

  • started using pylint … ouch!

  • minor tweaks

v104.0.1 July 2019, F.P.A. Vogt
  • changed “Obs. date” to “date” in plots, reduced to fontsize 10

  • for MUSE NFM, renamed “TT” to “TTS” in the plots

  • fixed YAML deprecation warning in

v104.0.0 July 2019, F.P.A. Vogt
  • ported to P104 (checked MUSE only!)

  • froze official development in favor of p2api.generateFindingChart()

  • updated docs accordingly

  • fixed bug in aplpy legend call (_ax1 -> ax)

  • fixed YAML deprecation warning (by using Loader=yaml.SafeLoader)

v103.2.0 January 2019, F.P.A. Vogt
  • fixed a bug with new version of astroquery.skyview.SkyView.survey_dict()

v103.1.1 October 2018, F.P.A. Vogt
  • fixed #10: added 180deg to the parallactic angle derived by the UT2.parallactic_angle() routine, to match the screen orientation at UT2

v103.1.0 October 2018, F.P.A. Vogt
  • fixed a bug in the calculation of ESPRESSO left chart radius.

  • fixed the axis of the nodding for XSHOOTER AutoNod templates.

  • properly fixed issue #7

  • draw the XSHOOTER slits in full lines to improve clarity

  • rotated the slit “P.A.” name by 180deg for XSHOOTER to match the UT2 screen

v103.0.0 October 2018, F.P.A. Vogt
  • changed versioning scheme to highlight the supported Period.

  • renamed ‘O’ and ‘S’ to ‘Obj.’ and ‘Sky’ in the legend, for clarity.

  • for XSHOOTER, show the footprint of the Acq. camera also at the Target position.

  • suppressed all VOTableSpecWarning (they’re not my fault!)

  • added support for ESPRESSO

  • set astropy logging level to “WARNING” to clean up the prompt

  • fixed the scalebar fontsize warning from aplpy

  • added new blind-offset example for XSHOOTER in the doc

  • fixed tiny bug in calculation of right-plot radius for XSHOOTER and MUSE, in case of blind offsets

v0.4.0 August 2018, F.P.A. Vogt
  • deal with multiple spaces in the local files, e.g. [O S O]

  • added test OBs on p2demo, reachable via --demo mode in fcmaker

  • minor tweaks to the docs

v0.3.8 July 2018, F.P.A. Vogt
  • fixed issue #6

  • fixed issue #7

  • added a N-E arrow to the left plot (useful for custom FITS files not aligned NORTH)

  • added a scale to the right plot

v0.3.7 July 2018, F.P.A. Vogt
  • fixed issue #4

  • By default, if there are no finding charts associated with an OB, just use the first slot to store the fcmaker one.

  • for MUSE WFM, only show a purple cross-hair during the acquisition for the “movetopixel” template

v0.3.6 July 2018, F.P.A. Vogt
  • fixed #3 for HAWKI and XSHOOTER OBs on p2

  • for MUSE OBs on local mode, tries to display the TTS only if WFM-AO, or NFM.

v0.3.5 June 2018, F.P.A. Vogt
  • fixed bad bug when feeding no obid

v0.3.4 June 2018, F.P.A. Vogt
  • fixed missing relsize package in mplstyle

  • added a check to make sure the user provides the wavelength of custom fits files

  • added section about custom FITS file to the doc.

  • fixed lack of ins_mode in new NFM OBs

  • added new keywords for command line option, including --p2uid, --obsid, --plot-loc, --data-loc, --bk-image and --bk-lam.

v0.3.3 June 2018, F.P.A. Vogt:
  • corrected the orientation of the MUSE WFM field (180 flip required)

  • added correct Cassegrain field-of-view of 7.4 arcmin in radius

  • formalized support for MUSE NFM, including …

  • the creation of mock bk_images from all the Gaia entries in the area.

  • fixed bug in radius of allowed GS displayed

  • fixed bug with chart tags (now displayed only when required)

  • used telescope coordinates from ESO website

  • added clear mark for slit PA in X-shooter charts

v0.3.2 May 2018, F.P.A. Vogt:
  • added *.fits to .gitignore

  • added Pillow to the list of required packages (for direct jpg exports)

  • added a few more Exceptions to fool-proof stuff

  • bumped p2api version request to 0.92, to have the fix for ephemeris files

  • added do_parang keyword: by-default, hide the instrument field-of-view if a parallactic angle is required

  • updated Gaia DR2 article link in doc

  • added symbols for OBs with moving targets or parallactic angles

  • added *.pdf and *.jpg to .gitignore

  • added AO support for HAWKI

  • added RRM templates to MUSE and HAWKI

v0.3.1 May 2018, F.P.A. Vogt:
  • added XSHOOTER to the list of supported instruments

  • gave up on using the OBS-DATE keywords to draw the proper motion tracks for stars in the field. Always use fcm_m.pm_track_time instead.

v0.3.0 May 2018, F.P.A. Vogt:
  • added 2 functions to run fcmaker from within a script (make_fc and make fc_local)

  • restructured and as a result

  • replaced ‘propagate_pm’ with new ‘SkyCoord.apply_space_motion()’ function from Astropy 3.0

  • draw the proper motion vectors of the fastest stars in the field of view, using GAIA DR2.

  • for these, if OBS-DATE is in the fits header, then plot the pm line between obstime and then. Else, plot as long as fcm_m.pm_track_time

  • started working on support for XSHOOTER

  • when DSS2 Red is not used for the zoomed-in view, still use it for the right-hand-side plot

  • when reading a local file, only read the keywords that matter

  • made the use of Python-Latex and No-montage the default (safer for new users)

  • added support for moving targets with ephemeris files (on P2)

v0.2.1 January 2018, F.P.A. Vogt:
  • fixed a bad bug with the p2api import

v0.2.00 January 2018, F.P.A. Vogt:
  • remove local version of p2api in favor of pip one

  • initial Github+pypi release

  • fixed bug when no upload required (reply ‘0’)

v0.1.48 November 2017, F.P.A. Vogt:
  • added Gallery page to docs, to show all local setup files, and some plots

  • fixed LaTeX bug when flagging bad telluric stars

  • added validity check of user Guide Stars (too close/far away ?)

  • added ability to export to png directly (helps with direct inclusion in docs)

v0.1.47 November 2017, F.P.A. Vogt:
  • added basic support for HAWKI, incl. Fast Phot acquisitions

  • added query to UCAC2 via Vizier, to show which Guide Stars are suitable

  • added check of TTS validity for MUSE AO (distance-wise), flagging the bad ones

  • added variable size of the right-hand-side plot, to show all offsets, even the very large ones

  • add pypi badge to main page

v0.1.46 November 2017, F.P.A. Vogt:
  • fixed a bug when the length of offsets in smaller than noff

  • fixed a bug when there is only one AO TTS defined.

  • added support for MUSE_wfm_cal_astrom and MUSE_wfm_cal_specphot

v0.1.45 November 2017, F.P.A. Vogt:
  • updated doc with correct example chart

v0.1.43 November 2017, F.P.A. Vogt:
  • added Intended audience, Topic and License flags to pypi release

  • implemented support for DETECTOR offsets in MUSE

  • added the --obsdate flag, to feed the date of the observation to fcmaker

  • added the --obsdate and __version__ to the finding charts

  • added support of target proper motion of 1st order (assuming flat sky)

  • updated doc

v0.1.42 November 2017, F.P.A. Vogt:
  • in case of large blind offset, have a flexible zoom level in the left plot panel

  • added option to save to PDF in fcmaker_plots.make_fc() and

  • fixed all docstrings in

  • handle the orientation of custom background images by rotating the N-E arrows.

  • added a default “target” field for all MUSE WFM (AO) observations, because this is where the system first closes the AO loop (before applying any of the offset in the observing sequence). This allows the observer to check that the TTS are also valid in this position.

  • added legend to the charts

  • restructured the plotting to better separate instrument-specific elements from generic ones. Created to that effect.

  • added support for OBs with multiple science templates

  • added the obId to chart

v0.1.41 November 2017, F.P.A. Vogt:
  • propagated the PA of the acquisition frame to the Science sequence (MUSE)

  • allowed to specify only 1 bk_image and bk_lams in automated mode

v0.1.40 October 2017, F.P.A. Vogt:
  • included doc in pypi package

  • updated doc

v0.1.26 October 2017, F.P.A. Vogt:
  • pre-release

  • initial doc assembled