1. If you encounter errors when running fcmaker, first ensure that your numpy, scipy, matplotlib, aplpy, and astropy packages are up-to-date, then try again.

2. If you still encounter errors after doing that, check the FAQ.

3. Check if this is one of the known open issues. You can also check the fixed issues here.

4. If you still can’t figure out what’s wrong, please submit a new issue on the Github repository of the project. Provide as much detail as possible (error message, minimal example able to reproduce the error, operating system, Python version, etc …).


Submitting a Github issue is the best way for you to get help rapidly, for us to keep track of the problems that need solving, and for future users to see what changes have been made over time (and look for existing solutions to their problem which may be the same as yours). Submitting a new issue on Github is rapid and easy, but if you are really against doing it (why would you ?), you can always email for help.